John Griggs - AKA Johnny "The Mind" Griggs.


Farm boy gone wild. John discovered dueling pianos in 1993. Thinking that it looked like fun, he began learning the skills needed to be successful in this brand of entertainment. John has had many years of experience in live performance since 1970's. Although all of it is not piano, as John is a multi-instrumentalist. John has performed dueling pianos at the old "Bugsy's" in downtown Minneapolis as well as "L'tl Ditty's" at the Mall Of America. In 2000 he and a partner formed "The Ivory Kings". With a non stop schedule of night clubs, college bars, dance halls, casinos and corporate events, they were the original piano show in Kansas City, MO, Toledo, OH, Wilkes Barre, PA and Lake Okoboji, Iowa.


Just my opinion here - John is the Johnny Carson of dueling pianos. His personality, enthusiasm, awareness, and skill sets have earned him the nickname " The Mind". Everyone loves this guy. I mean it. John is joy, manifested right before your eyes. He is the best of all of us in this field and is the magical marriage of music and comedy.


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