Meet the Fishing Guide and The Redneck


We are very funny and interactive with a request driven performance. Great music, Yes. Just listen and see the audience fun photos as they tell the story.


We have performed together for over 13 years. We never use fill in partners which is common with Dueling Teams and we do not mooch tips. We specialize in Corporate Events, Fund Raisers,

and Weddings. At weddings, we offer the combination of our DJ services along with Dueling Pianos at no extra charge. No breaks, 100% clean for all ages, unless you specify the "Adult " show


Below is a basic overview of some of what we do. All of this is your call as to what we do or do not do.


* We both worked at Ditties at the Mall Of America and other

    "dueling rooms" and we're ready for anything.


* We supply baby grand pianos, a sound system large enough

   for over 5000 people, stage and dance floor lights, prop and skit

   items that we refer to as " The Toy Store". We require only one

   electrical circuit.


 * Upon deciding to hire us, we email you a contract / job

    information sheet for your review. Upon your approval, we mail

    out 3 hard copies highlighted where you sign, along with return

    envelope with postage paid.  Keep 2, send one back.


* We do not require a deposit or have a final day of

   acceptance but we suggest you decide sooner than later as

   most events and weddings take place on Fridays and Saturdays
   and it is likely that one of our talent agencies may schedule

   us those nights.


Getting The Game Plan And Your Input
 For wedding events, we stay in touch monthly with emails for input or changes. It's nice to know your entertainment is still there for you eight months after deciding upon them . . .
 We want to have your input on the flow and direction of the night. Details and information are power.  Great memories and videos for years.
Do you have a friend or guest that can sing? Tell us of a couple songs they love singing and we'll type the words for them. They can sing with the band. We do not allow the night to become karaoke, but some special guest appearances would be great.


We can perform songs from the Big Band Era to present day. Our performance involves a lot of audience interaction however we do not require people play along nor do we force people into our skits, contests, and so on.


 We have tons of games and skits for all ages including jump ropes, hula hoops, limbo contest, Michael Jackson dance contest, Elvis  Contest, Pee Wee Herman dance, and more. Our Toy Store items once again.


 We are " Professional Fun Havers".


Email or call

Rob - 218 - 371 - 7740



The best way to contact us is by calling or emailing:


Rob - (218)-371-7740

John - (612)-865-4103


Email us at:


Please put " Dueling Pianos "

in the subject line.