Your Fun For All Occasions

An event without music and fun is like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse. We have been taking care of the music and fun at events together for over 13 years. We do not post our schedule as most of our events are closed to the general public. This keeps your event safe from having the drunk guys coming in yelling " Play some Skynyrd, man".

Corporate Parties


Corporate parties make up 70% of our schedule. You will laugh, sing, and enjoy. At corporate events we are 100% clean and good for all ages. With our efficent sound system and one circuit, no ballroom or event is too large.


I worked in Real Estate Sales and Loan Originating for 10 years back in my dance band days and I believe in organization. We'll stay in contact monthly via email if you like. This organization is part of what makes things work for us and is some of what separates us from the rest of the pack.


Special Events


We can do Festivals, Fairs, Fund Raisers or anything that you desire. It always is fun when we end up in someones huge barn, there's 300  people and food for an army, and we ask what the occasion is and the owner says he doesn't really know. Good enough for us, let's crank it up and get silly then.

Weddings -Dueling Pianos And DJ Both


Crazy Keys loves entertaining for weddings so we offer both DJ and Dueling Pianos at your party that night. You'll have the best of both worlds if you want.


Once the date is set with us, we email an "Event Check List" and stay in touch monthly. This is where we request you suggest some of your favorite songs, or inform us of anything else we should know. Or tell us a quick story about a friend or two, so we can get them up front and propperly acknowledge them ( we are a comedy team after all ). One of your special friends sings? We'll have the words for them and they too can contribute to the event. All this can help make the night more memorable and births some great videos.


Typically we perform a variety of music of various styles old and new for a couple hours. As the party continues, many want to just dance and, well, party. This is where we mix in 10 or so minutes of DJ songs, then 10 or so minutes of pianos, going back and forth to keep it fresh. It's all your call and we can change the format instantly upon your request. If we don't already own the songs you want, we'll buy them, fire up our disco light show and rock the night.


* The music volume should be comfortable.

* There should be a huge library of songs and

   personal favorites included.

* The event should be fun for everyone of all ages.


This we can do.


The best way to contact us is by calling or emailing:


Rob - (218)-371-7740

John - (612)-865-4103


Email us at:


Please put " Dueling Pianos "

in the subject line.